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From: Jack Santoro
Subject: Exploring, Part 3, Adult Friends, 3/?Exploring, Part 3
By It was a couple of months after Super Bowl Sunday
that I next saw Chris. I'd phoned naked little russian lolitas him at the adult
store to tell him that I had the next couple of days
off from the newspaper after wrapping up a three-part
piece on corruption in the state government. The State
Treasurer had been arrested by the FBI and indicted on
various charges, and the fallout was hitting several
other members of the administration.
At eight that evening I parked in his driveway. Chris
had just gotten home after grabbing a quick hamburger.
I'd eaten earlier.
Inside we began to strip down, and I looked closely
at his prick, which he had taped up. He had stretched
the skin of his shaft forward to cover his big
mushroom head and had a ring of tape wrapped around
the end of the skin to keep it in place.
"Make much progress?" I asked, eager to know how he
was faring in his foreskin restoration. I was
especially interested because both Chris and I had
been circumcised at birth and wanted our foreskins
back. I'd had mine done by plastic surgery and Chris
was stretching the remaining skin on his shaft to
extend over his glans, a cheaper and safer method that
produced superior cosmetic results.
"Look at this," he said as he unwound the tape ring
from the end of his skin. "See how it covers about
three-quarters of the head now? Last time it covered
only half." By this time we were both naked and
comparing our pricks.
"You'll get to be like me in a young petite nude lolita
few more months," I
said pretty little lolitas girls encouragingly.
"I can't wait," he said. "Your skin is so long it
goes past the head and forms a nipple in front. That's
a lot of skin, and you've got a big head on yours."
"You've got a big head too," I said. Our pricks were
swelling with excitement as we compared them, partly
because we knew that we'd have some sex play this
"I wish I could grow enough skin to dock you," he
said wistfully.
"Well, even with the skin I've got I can't dock you,"
I pointed out. "My foreskin covers the head and then
some, but we've both got big heads and it won't cover
them together."
"Yeah, I remember last time. You were only able to
dock me after I'd made you come and your cock had gone
soft." He sat on the couch and I took my place next to
him. Suddenly I remembered something.
"You remember that Doctor Brooks, the big
circumciser, who got shot dead in California a few
months ago?" I asked.
"I remember it well," he replied. "They ever find the
guy who did it?"
"No, the naked little russian lolitas cops never did. They investigated his life
inside and out, and they uncovered some interesting
things," I said. "He'd been cheating on his wife, had
some gambling debts, and the autopsy showed that he
was taking uppers."
"What's the matter, didn't all the circumcisions he
did support his gambling habit?" Chris laughed.
"Apparently not," I answered. "Anyway, none of these
leads panned out, and now there's been another doctor
shot in Philadelphia."
"Who?" Chris asked. "Anybody we know?"
"It was a Doctor Levy, another world-class
circumciser. He did a few articles for the medical
magazines promoting all that bullshit about
circumcision preventing cancer, AIDS, venereal
diseases, and all that crap. He was even on a few talk
shows telling parents their kids should be clipped to
look like daddy."
"Well, it couldn't happen to a nicer guy," Chris said
sardonically. "The cops have any idea who did it?"
"Not so far," I said.
"Think it might be the guy who did Dr. Brooks?" he
"I can't be sure, but I don't think so. Brooks was
shot with a .308 Winchester. Levy got it with a .243.
Brooks was shot right on his doorstep. Levy got killed
in the parking lot of his office."
"Maybe someone in Philadelphia heard about Brooks and
decided to do the same thing to Levy," Chris
speculated. "Maybe it was someone Levy had clipped.
Maybe the guy who shot Brooks was also one of Brooks'
"If it was someone who got the idea, the cops would
call that a `copycat crime.' So far the cops haven't
connected Brooks and Levy." I knew where Chris' line
of thinking was leading.
"I hope they never do," Chris said reflectively. "If
the cops think of the circumcision angle, they might
start looking at old medical records and investigating
everybody these doctors ever clipped. They might even
start investigating Eric." Eric was Chris' cousin's
son, and he had seriously beat up and injured the
doctor who had circumcised him some 19 years earlier.
"I don't think there's much chance of that," I
reflected. "If someone were shooting abortionists,
that would make it a high-profile case, and they'd be
on that track right away. As it is, there's nothing to
show both shootings were done by the same person, or
that there's any connection between them."
"Maybe we're the only ones who guessed at it," said
"That's probably it," I assured him. "Anyway, I asked
a buddy of mine in the detective bureau about the
doctor Eric beat up last year." Chris knew that I also
covered the police beat and had asked me to tell him
if I'd heard anything.
"And?" he prompted.
"He told me that, although it's still an open case,
that they haven't any new leads. They'd dug up some
stuff in his background, like cheating on his wife,
and for a while wondered if his wife had hired totally nude lolita girls someone
to beat him up. There was no evidence that she had,
because as we know she didn't." As I'd been speaking,
Chris had been pulling on the nipple of my long
foreskin, and rolling it between his thumb and index
I grasped his prick by the foreskin that came
part-way up his glans and began squeezing the big
mushroom head. This produced an immediate response,
and I felt his prick swelling between my fingers. I
slid his hood back all the way, remarking:
"Your tip's getting more glossy now. Last time only
the rim was shiny, but now the shininess goes halfway
up the head."
"Yeah, and it feels more sensitive than before, Jack.
You remember how the head was manly rim-sensitive.
Well, now the whole head seems more sensitive from
keeping it covered."
"You still keep the tape on russian lolita ped illegal 24 hours a day?" I asked.
"I keep it on all the time, except to pee and when I
take a shower," he replied. "I make sure the tip stays
moist by putting a drop of Astroglide on the head
before taping up." As he spoke I noticed a familiar
odor wafting up from his prick, and commented on this:
"I think you're starting to produce smegma with your
new foreskin. You weren't cut as tightly as I was, and
the doctor left you part of your inner lining."
"I'm sure he did," Chris said. "I know yours was done
very tightly and the doctor took away all of the inner
lining and even your frenulum. I've still got mine."
"That means your prick will be more sensitive than
mine when you're finished," I said as I strummed the
thick band of connecting tissue under his glans,
sending a thrill down his prick and making it jerk in
my hand.
"Wow, that really feels good," he said as he worked
my long foreskin in deep strokes, pulling it all the
way down and then bringing it up to enclose my glans
completely. We were both becoming very aroused.
"Your balls are getting tight," I pointed out.
"Yours are always tight," he said.
"That's because the plastic surgeon took some scrotal
skin to form the new foreskin," I said.
"It's really nice having a foreskin," Chris said. "I
know that docking can be a real thrill for guys who
can do it."
"I wasn't able to dock you the usual way last time
because both our heads are so big," I said.
"Yeah, I remember I had to get you off so that your
helmet would shrink and leave some room for my tip. I
brought something from the store that's going to let
us dock, sort of," he said. "It's called a `buddy
sleeve" and it's made for cut guys who want to go head
to head." He got up and pulled me with him, leading me
into the bedroom. On the bed was a paper bag which he
opened, taking out a clear plastic tube about two
inches in diameter and about eight inches long.
"That's it?" I asked.
"That's it," he replied. "The first buddy sleeves
made years ago were hard plastic, and then they began
making them from black plastic tubing. This one's made
of polyethylene, and it's soft and flexible so that we
can stroke our cocks through it. Let's lie down and
try it for size." Chris spread a towel in the center
of the bed and we lay on it face to face. Grasping my
prick, he eased the foreskin back and squirted a
couple of drops of Astroglide on the big helmet.
"Okay, he said as he gently guided my prick into the
tube. "This is how we do it. Now I'll squirt more lube
into the tube and put my cock in too." He spread the
lubricant around the inside of the tube, wetting the
entire surface, and then slipped his prick in from the
other end until the tip of his big purple mushroom
pressed against mine.
"Your tip feels warm," I said as his fingers
tightened around the tube, pressing and sliding it to
create a gentle friction.
"I think this is going to work great," he said. "I
really want to feel your cock spitting its juice
against my tip." I knew exactly what he meant, as I'd
enjoyed the feeling last time when he'd filled my
foreskin with his cream. Now his fingers were moving
more quickly, increasing both the pressure and the
friction, signaling his eagerness to attain orgasm.
"I'm glad you're doing it faster," I said. "We're
both hot to come."
"I know. I can't wait long, Jack. free little lolitas galleries
I just need to
come. I can see how your helmet's getting darker
purple now and it feels harder through the plastic." I
had been looking at our pricks and noticed that his
mushroom was darkening to a deeper purple as well.
"Anything I can do?" I asked.
"No, just let me do the work. I've got the rhythm
now, and I hope we'll come off together."
"That would be great," I responded. "I'd love to feel
your tip throbbing against mine." Automatically, my
hips had begun to thrust lightly, pressing my helmet
against his swollen glans, increasing the sensations.
"I can feel you pumping your cock against mine," he
said. "That's really nice." His hips were thrusting as
well now, matching my thrusts and compressing the nose
of my helmet as his tip pressed against mine.
"Now I'll change strokes," he said as he stopped
sliding the sleeve and began twisting it instead,
enhancing the sensations.
"That twisting action feels great," I said. "I can't
hold out much longer."
"I'm getting that tingly feeling in my rim," he said.
"How about you?"
"Me too. Any second now," I added as my engorged
glans began tingling. My eyes closed.
"We're both close," he said and began grunting with
each thrust. I was breathing hard, becoming caught up
in the compelling excitement as I neared the brink.
Knowing that his prick was pressing and thrusting
against mine added to my arousal, as did the knowledge
than within seconds our hot streams would be spraying
over each other's tip.
My mind went on "HOLD" as my sensations mounted, and
my awareness of the world around me faded as my
attention centered on our engorged pricks, filled with
hot tingling blood. Pressing through the flexible
plastic, his fingers gave me a hot tingling feeling in
my rim and the pressure of his glans produced the same
feeling in the dome of my helmet.
"HUNH! HUNH! HUNH!" I heard myself grunting as a hard
spasm wracked my groin and I felt the first hot stream
burning its way up my throbbing prick. The torrent
slammed through the lips of my pouting meatus to erupt
against Chris's prick-head.
"AAAAHHHH!" I heard him cry out as his prick-tip
throbbed hard against mine. Our legs were intertwined
and I felt the hot tension in his body totally nude lolita girls as he naked little russian lolitas
My groin convulsed again to send another hot jet up my
prick, and I heard myself grunting hard. Chris had
another spasm, and his turgid tip hammered against
mine as he ejaculated again, the juice swirling around
my helmet and triggering another contraction in my
Our bodies strained against each other as we
mindlessly shot more hot streams, filling the buddy
sleeve with hot cream that made our sensations more
intense. We groaned and grunted helplessly as the rush
of sensations overwhelmed us in pure joy.
I became aware that my sensations were becoming less
intense, and that my streams had become dribbles,
individual hot drops seeping up my urethra, and that
Chris had stopped twisting the sleeve over our joined
pricks. My body began to relax from the hot frenzy of
climax. For a minute or two we lay still, dazed by the
after-shock. I slowly opened my eyes, lolita sex high res still unable to
speak. Finally Chris broke the silence:
"Man, that was hot! Super hot! You know what you
"I came, that's what I did."
"You did more than that, Jack! You came first and
your first stream shot right into my slit and down my
tube! That just blew me away and I started shooting
too!" Now I understood. Chris has a slit much long
than mine, and while jacking his prick I'd noticed
that on the down-stroke the long lips parted. He must
have been thrusting forward, spreading his lips when
my first jet had erupted and driven right between them
and down his urethra to trigger his orgasm.
"I think the buddy sleeve also held our slits
aligned. I'm glad it worked out that way, Chris," I
said as our pri
cks slowly softened inside the tube, the creamy fluids
seeping out past them onto the towel. "I had that
happen to me too, years ago. You know how the lips of
my slit pout like a teardrop, wide open. This guy had
a really long foreskin and his tip was a lot smaller
than mine, so he was able to dock me while we were
both hard as rocks. Since he was naturally
uncircumcised, not reconstructed like me, he was more
sensitive and he came first. When he came, he really
shot hard. totally nude lolita girls That hot stream shooting into my wide-open
slit was like a bolt of lightning. One moment I was
getting close, and the next I was over the edge,
shooting like crazy.
"That was beautiful, Jack. We've got to do this
again. Maybe when I've got a full foreskin we might be
able to do it, or if we can't we can use the buddy
"Oh, for sure," I agreed. "This was a hell of an
"Maybe you'd like my cousin Jerry to join us," Chris
suggested. "Jerry's a widower, and he told me that
since his wife died he has no interest in other women.
We've gotten each other off a few times."
"Were you able to dock with Jerry?" I asked.
"Yes I was. Jerry's built a little differently than
we are. He's got about six inches, like us, but he's
got a really long skin and a small tip like your
friend who docked you. His tip's a helmet like yours,
but not as big. He was able to take my mushroom right
down to the rim."
"Sounds like a good idea, especially the docking
"Jerry really enjoyed it when we docked," Chris said.
"He was moaning and groaning, and afterward he said he
really enjoyed it when I shot my load into his skin.
He's more sensitive because he was never circumcised
so he came first, but I came a couple of seconds
"That sounds really hot," I said. "We'll have to set
up a time to do this."
"I think we can work it out, Jack. Jerry's a
contractor and he's his own boss. It's easier for him
to break some time free than it is for you and me.
Meanwhile, let's get up and take a shower." We got up
and Chris gathered up the towel, dropping it in the
laundry basket in the bathroom. In the shower, we
luxuriated under the hot water.
"I've got to pee," Chris said. "Watch this." He'd
pulled his foreskin forward, totally engulfing the
mushroom of his shrunken prick, and now I watched as
the hood swelled with urine.
"You couldn't have done that a few months ago," I
pointed out.
"Right, Jack. I didn't have enough skin." As he was
speaking, the urge had struck me lolita nymphet message boards and I pinched the
nipple of my long foreskin shut and released my
stream. My hood ballooned out as Chris released the
tip of his foreskin, allowing the gush to pour out of
it. A couple of seconds later, I let my stream pour
out, and we watched young petite nude lolita
as our fluids mingled and swirled
down the drain. Then we both skinned back and milked
our urethras, draining the rest of the fluid. Now we
used a asian lolitas under wear sponge to soap each other, carefully rinsing
off before he shut off the water.
After we'd dried each other, Chris applied some
Astroglide to his prick and pulled the loose shaft
skin forward, fixing it with a ring of tape to hold it
over his glans. He handed the bottle to me.
"Here, use some of mine," he offered. I skinned back
and squirted a couple of drops behind my corona,
spreading it all over my large helmet shaped glans as
I pushed the foreskin forward to keep it protected and
moist. He lent me a bathrobe and we went into his
kitchen for a snack and some beer.
"Well, I guess we'll have to plan for when we can get
together with Jerry," I said.
"I'll give him a call tomorrow and we'll set it up."Continued in Part 4
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